.savor the addiction.

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every bit of her body,
resonates, listens to his song.
every one of her limbs,
find themselves longing,
find themselves aroused,
every inch of her longs
and wants.
every inch of her feels like
it belongs to him.
every bit feels like
it screams his name.

.at the midnight hour i can feel your power.

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I was inspired by some poems I saw on dA and by The Bacchae by Euripides… and my own feelings.  :3

Come, come,
Dance for him,
Dance for our god!
The lord Dionysus!
He who gave his gift to lift the suffering man’s heart!
The gift of wine,
The gift of the grape!
Come, come!
Worship our kind, gentle god!
Come, come!
Revel in his honor!
Revel in his madness!
Revere this maddening god!
Revere this joyful god!
For he is our lord,
Glory be to him
The lord of wine!

The Fall of Lucifer

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I came across this:  http://www.preparingforeternity.com/sr/sr01.htm

I read it, and before I continue on, I’d like to show you how I view Lucifer, to give you an idea where I’m coming from. Please refer to this:  This is what I Believe: Lucifer the Knowledge-Bringer

Continuing on….

In this story, I didn’t see Lucifer as being envious or jealous. I saw him as seeing something wrong with the current Government in Heaven, and the way it was being adminized. The angels bowed down because they felt it was wrong to defy God, even if he bowed down, Lucifer knew there was something wrong in all of this. In the end, he thought for himself and defied God, along with a few other Angels.

He was fighting for freedom, and did what was right, and did it regardless of the consequences.

The way I saw the story was that…the angels were submitting because they felt it was “wrong” to defy the authority. I’m not saying my interpretation is the be all end all nor am I saying yours would be the be all end all, either.
It just…bothers me. …I guess it’s perfectly normal for it to bother me, considering my view on Lucifer and how I precieve him.

.power beyond containing are you going to remain a slave for the rest of your life.

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I decided to take the Belief-o-matic quiz. These are my results:

1.     Unitarian Universalism  (100%)
2.     Neo-Pagan (90%)
3.     Secular Humanism (88%)
4.     Theravada Buddhism (80%)
5.     Liberal Quakers (79%)
6.     New Age (78%)
7.     Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (74%)
8.     Mahayana Buddhism (71%)
9.     Nontheist (69%)
10.     Reform Judaism (63%)
11.     Taoism (60%)
12.     Orthodox Quaker (56%)
13.     Scientology (47%)
14.     Sikhism (46%)
15.     Baha’i Faith (46%)
16.     New Thought (44%)
17.     Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (40%)
18.     Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (38%)
19.     Jainism (36%)
20.     Seventh Day Adventist (33%)
21.     Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (33%)
22.     Hinduism (30%)
23.     Orthodox Judaism (30%)
24.     Islam (28%)
25.     Eastern Orthodox (23%)
26.     Roman Catholic (23%)
27.     Jehovah’s Witness (13%)

…I’m definitely not impressed with the last one there lol. I might try to retake it again.

This is what I believe: Lucifer the Knowledge-Bringer

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I believe Lucifer was the one who brought knowledge to mankind. I believe he went against God because God probably would have wanted us to live an ignorant life. Lucifer didn’t want that. Lucifer tempted Eve into eating the fruit so that humans would have knowledge, thus, Lucifer gave us knowledge. Lucifer means Light-Bringer, and it fits rightfully so. Without Lucifer, we probably would not have been here today, nor would our intellect increase. Without Lucifer, we would not be able to create, reason, explore, change or even question. There would be no diversity.

Lucifer is the driving force that makes us question our beliefs, which may strengthen our faith or may make us go out of that faith and find/desire something more suitable. Symbolically, Lucifer tells us to find that resonates with us, and what doesn’t. Lucifer tells us to believe what we want and not adhere to others beliefs and follow suit with them.

Lucifer offers us enlightenment, and knowledge, and if we take that offering, we find Lucifer. Lucifer’s influence on us is there, but we don’t normally see it unless we look deep enough and spot the Luciferian traits we have.

This is why I believe Lucifer is a very free-thinker-like god, a god of liberation as well as a god of enlightenment and knowledge. We only have to look and see him in us, because in the end, we are most like Lucifer.

.i’m like a puzzle but all my pieces are jagged.

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Yeah. I’m getting uncreative with titles, can’t you tell? lol.

I was writing a essay thing on the information I got on Lucifer and mentioned the similarities between Prometheus and Lucifer. Here is the blog and post I linked to. Despite all the spelling errors, it is worth a read: http://ladyofspiders.wordpress.com/2007/10/23/prometheus-and-lucifer/

This might also prove to be an interesting read: http://rhetoricsanspareil.wordpress.com/2008/09/29/on-prometheus-and-lucifer/

.everything inside your circle starts to overflow.

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So I’m a bit….bleh today. Tired, and a little offended. I pondered on Lucifer and Jesus for a while on facebook. I didn’t think anyone would comment, really, and so…my grandmother decides to comment. My grandmother. :/ Yeah, you can understand why I’m a little offended.

“Trudie I think that you should stop allthis talk about lucifer and allthis other foolish stuff do something usual go out and get your self a job !!!!!!!!” – my grandmother

I was offended, I commented, but then deleted it. But I didn’t let it go. :/ I eventually wrote a note on facebook, titled “Everything you do is right, because being who you are is nothing wrong”

What I like to learn about, and what I am fascinated by is not unusual. :/ ..Wonderful now I probably sound like a whiney teenager who says “You don’t understand me!” but really, I’m trying not to. There’s nothing wrong with me liking what I like. I love my grandmother, but I’m not changing myself for her.

I’m kind of upset, hurt and a little offended. I’ll get over it, because I’m not changing myself for her. I am her granddaughter, and really, I don’t want a part of me only accepted. I want my crazy quirks accepted to. I like these things. I like the “darker” stuff because it’s interesting. It makes me question a lot of things, and it changes my perspective most of the time and I like that. These are things I believe, things I admire, things I’m fascinated by. To change these things is to deny me, myself and I. I don’t that.

…I’m not blowing it out of proportion too much am I?

.i kinda like that i wanna tap that.

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I think this theme is cute~ Imma gonna keep it for a while lol.
No really it’s cute. And light, but cute. Yeah, I have a thing for cute things lul.

Chaos and Light

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…ho boy. I think I like this subject too much, lol. So, what started out as quoting a few words that came into mind on MSN, turned out to be a poem… the oddest place it could turn into a poem at, eh? P:
So here you go:

There are two sides in the world:
Dark and Light
Divide them, chaos happens,
Ignore them, you become unbalanced.
“Eternal” war between these two sides linger.
But is it war?
Or is it humanity who creates this imaginary war?
Are there some so trapped in their own delusions,
Their own fantasies,
That swear these opposites are enemies?
When in reality, these opposites are not?
Chaos and Light can exist in one being, together.
They can also be separate.
But, you won’t know the true meaning of life,
Nor will you know your true self,
If you don’t accept the dark within the light; the light within the dark!

hurr hurr

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I’ve been very indecisive with the looks of this blog, so…let’s see how long this will last for. ❤ it looks pretty and nice.

Update, April 27th hurr durr:
It looks nice~ ❤ Simple, though dark~